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LATEST REPORT: We Hongkongers Research Report No. 108
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“We Hongkongers” Initiative

  • “We Hongkongers” is an initiative advocated by Hong Kong Public Opinion Program (HKPOP) of Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI), with the support of many members of the civic society.
  • “We Hongkongers” Initiative officially started on 17 October 2019, in the form of intensive rolling surveys. A total of 12 reports were published as of 23 December 2019.
  • In mid-May 2020, in response to the rapid changes in Hong Kong’s political and public sentiment, HKPOP redeveloped the “We Hongkongers” Project. Coupled with the rapid development of the “HKPOP Panel” established by PORI in July 2019, PORI decided to launch the “We Hongkongers Panel Survey” to further strengthen interaction with the public and as well as collect and analyze public opinion and there are 29 reports in total.
  • In January 2021, PORI redeveloped the “We Hongkongers” Project again to strengthen the cooperation with non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, concern groups and professional organizations, and the results will be released in the form of mini-forums to initiate policy discussions.
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