Team Members

President and Chief Executive Officer : Robert Ting-Yiu Chung Biography of Dr Robert Ting-Yiu Chung
Deputy Chief Executive Officer : Kim-Wah Chung Biography of Dr Kim-Wah Chung
Director (Research & Fieldwork) : Karie Ka-Lai Pang Biography of Ms Karie Ka-Lai Pang
Senior Manager (Research & Administration) : Winnie Wing-Yi Lee Biography of Ms Winnie Wing-Yi Lee
Manager (Data Science) : Edward Chit-Fai Tai Biography of Mr Edward Chit-Fai Tai
Manager (Research & Fieldwork) : Frank Wai-Kin Lee Biography of Mr Frank Wai-Kin Lee
Manager (Information Technology) : Edmond Man-Yiu Chan
Senior Executive (Research) : Joyce Wai-Man Chan
Senior Executive (Research & Data Science) : Stanley Cho-Leung Chu
Senior Specialist (Information Technology) : Johnson Yang
Executives (Data Science) : Anson Ho-Ming Lee
Mandy Hoi-Man Yau
Executives (Research & Fieldwork) : Dinlo Chin-Po Wong
Jessica Liang
Specialists (Information Technology) : Ricky Ching-Yu Wong
Ka-Ki Ting
Secretary : Erika Pui-Lan Chau
Junior Secretary : Evelyn Yee-Fung Ching
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