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HKPORI releases five core social indicators and results on trust in SAR Government (2023-05-30)
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HKPORI releases the popularities of CE and SAR Government, people’s appraisal of society’s conditions along with the wrap up on correlation analysis between popularity of SAR Government and society’s conditions under “One Country Two Systems 25-year Mid-term Review” (2023-05-24)
HKPORI releases survey results on Taiwan and Tibetan issues (2023-05-16)

Group Gathering Prohibition Index - Commentary

  • 2022 Dec 30 - HKPORI President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Chung observed, “Since we started our epidemic index studies in April 2020, we have noticed the almost-zero implication of our findings on government policies. Nevertheless, we have continued to conduct our study in the most responsible and scientific way up to this date, because we consider it important to document public sentiment scientifically, even if our audience is not this generation. Over the years, we found that Hong Kong people’s acceptance level of social gathering bans generally covariates with the number of infected cases, but it always falls way below the existing bans. For example, on the day before such bans were completely lifted, people generally accepted a ban of 17 people, but the government ban stayed at 12, so 83% of the people considered it too strict. Due to such a perception gap, as well as the insensitivity and non-responsiveness of the government to these figures, government popularity has remained low. Now that all social gathering bans have been lifted, but mask wearing remains mandatory, it would be interesting to see how government popularity would change.”
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