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From the President
PORI releases popularity figures of principal officials and  wrap up on popularity of Secretaries of Departments under  “One Country Two Systems 25-year Mid-term Review” (2022-09-27)
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PORI Express: Q&A
HKPORI holds a press conference cum mini-policy forum on “Family Carers” and GGPI (2022-09-23)
PORI releases popularity figures of CE (2022-09-20)

Group Gathering Prohibition Index - Commentary

  • 2022 Sep 23 - Independent commentator KC Poon observed, “Since the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2019, all industries in Hong Kong have been suffering to various degrees as a consequence of the ‘zero infection’ policy. However, the long battle against the pandemic, with the economy and people’s livelihood as collateral, and the stringent immigration policy, has caused irreversible damage to businesses in all sectors. In order to survive, viruses know how to show their vitality. In order for Hong Kong to integrate with the international community, we must also show our flexibility and adaptability to meet the ever-changing environment. Hong Kong’s treasury is the result of the accumulation of generations of Hong Kong people, to fight the pandemic at any cost is like pouring money into the sea, and I believe it is not what Hong Kong people want.”
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