HKPORI is establishing a series of multi-client independent panels, both probability and non-probability based, called PopPanels. Two probability based and two non-probability based panels will be created, called separately as Hong Kong People Representative Panel, Hong Kong People Volunteer Panel, Hong Kong Youths Representative Panel and Hong Kong Youths Volunteer Panel. HKPORI also welcomes individuals and organizations to collaborate with it to develop PopPanels for netizens, elderlies, ethnic minorities, and so on using similar designs.

As noted in the names, the randomized panels include only of persons who were randomly selected and representative of specific sectors of the Hong Kong population. That is, the only way to join this randomized panel is if HKPORI has randomly selected to invite you to the panel and that you subsequently agree to join the panel. There is no way to opt-in or volunteer for the panel. These panels consist of persons recruited primarily through telephone surveys and will accurately represent the target population and provide a full picture of what they think about certain issues.

There are two non-probability-based volunteer panels and more will be added. These non-random panels are open to the entire Hong Kong population to join. Any person in Hong Kong can volunteer to join a panel if they consider themselves qualified. These non-probability-based panels will grow fast and provide efficient and quick means to obtain opinions and thoughts from certain targeted populations.

Intended members of the panel have to complete a registration form with correct demographic information. They will be invited to participate in surveys regarding different topics. The surveys will be conducted through telephone, in-person or in text messages. While each survey will include the subject, the method used, the incentive offered and the approximate time of completion, members can choose to decline the invitation. A cash or item incentive may be provided to members who actively take part in various surveys. While the panel is a highly representative delegation, the opinions collected from the panel are of paramount importance to HKPORI.

HKPORI values opinions from different political, economic and cultural background. All Hong Kong citizens are welcome to join the panel and express their personal thoughts regarding various topics. Members’ personal information will not be shared or sold to a third party. HKPORI will ensure that the panel works orderly and healthily without being disrupted or interfered by corrupted data or harmful codes.

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