Introduction to “HKPORI Poll Data Enquiry System” and its Operation (2024-02-20)

“HKPORI Poll Data Enquiry System” was officially launched in August 2023, and now has been in operation for over 6 months. Currently, there are a total of 120 items (frequency tables and datasets) for free download, plus another 50 paid items which cover survey series like “People’s Ethnic Identity”, “HKSAR anniversary” and some others for sale. Below shows a brief operation manual of the System:

After entering the System from HKPORI’s website homepage, users will be able to see three options, namely “Datasets on Individual Topics”, “Regular Tel Survey Full Datasets” and “Frequency Tables”. In “Datasets on Individual Topics”, users can view 9 different series of datasets, including ratings of past and present Chief Executives, 2017 CE Election Rolling Survey, Legislative Council Election Surveys, People’s Ethnic Identity and the “Panel Survey – Open-Ended Responses” newly added in January 2024. In “Frequency Tables”, by using the filter function inside the “Series” button, users can proceed to a free or paid download of the 170 questions under different survey series, such as the 12 questions from May to October 2023 in the “Popularity of Chief Executive” option. As for the most recently introduced “Regular Tel Survey Full Datasets”, users can purchase the full dataset of HKPORI’s regular telephone survey conducted in January 2024.

Users can press “+” to save interested frequency tables or datasets to “Shopping cart”, then the system will automatically show the original price, discounted price and member price for each item. If you confirm your purchase, please click “Check Discount and Make Payment” to complete the payment process. Users shall note that: although some questions are available for free download currently, the system will still ask users to provide their email address for sending out download links, as well as their personal information, including their name and address. After filling in their personal information, users must declare that they will not use the data for any illegal purposes before proceeding to “continue order”. When all the information is confirmed, users can download an Excel file including the bilingual question wordings, survey contact information (e.g., sample size and sampling method), and respondents’ demographic profile (e.g., distribution of age and education level).

For paid items such as the “People’s Ethnic Identity” series, the original price is $10,000. Current selling price is set as $5,000 while HKPORI subscribed members can enjoy an extra 50% discount ($2,500). Meanwhile, for the newly introduced “Panel Survey – Open-Ended Responses”, it is now available at a discounted price of $200, and PORI members can enjoy another 50% off ($100). Members can verify their status by entering the coupon code “MEMBER” and their correct email address after clicking “Proceed to check any discount”. Users can download the frequency tables or datasets from the link sent via email after completing the declaration and entering their credit card payment details.

President and CEO of HKPORI Robert Chung explained that research cost needed to be considered when setting the prices. For example, a higher selling price is needed for questions with more sub-questions due to a rise in interviewing cost. He stated that the System is not developed for profit-earning, yet hoping the research costs can be recovered. Meanwhile, the amount of items to be released and the selling price can be adjusted in the future according to the market demand.

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