Data Enquiry

Frequency Table Question-based Dataset Full Dataset Qualitative Dataset
Popularity of Chief Executive
Ethnic identity
Chief Executive Election
Legislative Council Election
Popularity of government
Appraisal of society’s conditions
Social well-being indicators
Social indicators
Social indicators (Freedom)
Trust and confidence indicators
Popularity of Secretaries of Departments
Appraisal of news media
Social indicators (Rule of law)
June Fourth Incident
Popularity of disciplinary forces (Appraisal)
Popularity of PLA Hong Kong Garrison
HKSAR anniversary
Feeling towards different governments and peoples (Naming)
Feeling towards different governments and peoples (Appraisal)
Popularity of Directors of Bureaux
Popularity of political groups (Naming)
Popularity of political groups (Appraisal)
Regular survey
Panel survey – Open-ended responses
e-Deliberative Poll – Computer-generated transcript and open-ended responses
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