Service Policy of HKPORI

Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI) actively promotes open data, technology sharing, and the freedom of thought, knowledge, and information. For this reason, we offer appropriate discounts to project collaborators who agree to open data copyrights to the world via HKPORI. This also applies to all academic researchers who by the nature of their work are answerable to the world in the most transparent and professional way. Here are the service terms:

• In general, all studies shall be published in full for public consumption, preferably as soon as they are completed but should not be more than 12 months after its completion.

• HKPORI shall be fully responsible for the research design, including but not restricted to the sampling method, questionnaire design, fieldwork operation, data analysis, and report writing.

• HKPORI reserves the right to add opinion or demographic questions to the study which may not be of interest to the project collaborator, provided that such questions are methodologically sound and do not impair the original design.

• HKPORI shall retain the copyright of all the raw data and collated findings gathered from the study, but this right can be shared with the project collaborator any time; once a study is published, the copyright mentioned shall be opened to the world.

• Full acknowledgment according to normal citation standards shall be given to HKPORI and the project collaborator in any subsequent publication or re-publication using whole or part of the data collected by HKPORI.

• When the study is opened to the public, HKPORI is free to share with the world the study report and the raw dataset in any format.

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