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After Mid-term

HKPORI launched the “One Country Two Systems 25-year Mid-term Review” in June, seven reports have been released. Eight more are expected before the end of the year, another ten in the first half of the next, making a total of 25 reports. After that, I will follow heaven’s call whether I should fade away from Hong Kong and focus on promoting international professional development. In the midst of this deep summer, the public is burning and PORI is still working hard. Albeit slight adjustments to the many plans, our work has remained intact. Starting this month, our regular press conferences will be reduced to twice a month as planned, while we get ready for our civic education work. We will first increase the number of columns in our website, then enrich their content, then add more services, in order to keep up with the times and start a new chapter in the second half of “one country, two systems”.Tomorrow will be our first “Press Event” in August. We will release our tracking surveys including CE popularity and GGPI, as well as launch our online “PORI Express”.


New Challenges in Public Opinion Research

I joined the newly established Social Sciences Research Centre at The University of Hong Kong in 1987, when the return of Hong Kong’s sovereignty was already a foregone conclusion. Four years later, I founded the Public Opinion Programme at The University of Hong Kong, it was six years before the handover. Today, I have just passed 35 years of professional research career, so perhaps it is time to retire. This day in 2022, Hong Kong’s one country two systems has just started its second half-life, and our research team has witnessed it after working for 31 years, the last three of which as an independent institute outside the university. We have completed one important stage of a historical task. Now that Hong Kong’s future is uncertain, and public opinion research still has a long way to go. We now face the new challenge of how to keep the flags for science and democracy waving high, while we find a new direction for the society, the nation and the world. Recently I was asked, “How far can we still go?” I replied, “We walk out the paths, so let us keep walking.”


One Country Two Systems Mid-term Review

HKPORI reviews and adjusts its work once every six months. Some changes have already been started last month, including reducing the frequency of press conferences and developing online civic education. In June, we kickstart the “One Country Two Systems 25-year Mid-term Review”. The first phase of the review will take two months, in different forms of releases each week. We will start with the popularity of officials this week, then June Fourth wrap-up, then ethnic identity and then handover anniversaries, details to be announced. Starting from July, we plan to reduce the frequency of our tracking surveys from twice a month to once a month, in order to conserve resources for civic education and mid-term review.


PORI 3rd Anniversary

HKPORI was symbolically established on May 4, 2019 and then officially started to operate on July 1. We have chosen to launch ourselves on the centenary of the May Fourth Movement, in order to wave high the flags of science and democracy, and to find a new direction for the development of the world, our country, our nation and our society. Incidental to PORI’s ongoing half-yearly review, we would like to make this announcement: After May Fourth this year, PORI will reduce the frequency of our press conferences to about four times a month, in order to spare more resources for our online civic education work. Besides, PORI would also like to stress the separation of comments from figures, so that the responsibility of all personal comments arising from our scientific research lies entirely on the commentators concerned, not HKPORI.


Regarding Responses to Media Enquiries

Starting from today, HKPORI will centrally respond to all media enquiries via email, in order to record the time and content of such enquiries, and to clarify our answers when necessary. We have recently reviewed our work over the past six months, and found that some media have started to use unprofessional practices to handle enquiries, or even fabricate false documents to discredit PORI. Every time, PORI would consider whether to report to the police or take legal action in light of the seriousness of the case. All said, PORI still wants to handle these incidents as part of its civic education effort, in order to help Hong Kong society get back on track. Please note that PORI may not be able to respond to media enquiries promptly outside its office hours. PORI’s email address is, and we will handle them during office hours by triage.

2022-04-26 Deputy Chief Executive Officer of HKPORI Chung Kim-wah attended the last press conference of his term today, before stepping down from this position by the end of April. The President and Chief Executive Officer of HKPORI Robert Chung would like to thank Kim-wah for his contributions to the Institute, and also thanks the public for caring so much about its development. Robert Chung announces that HKPORI is operating normally, complies with the laws as usual, and would cooperate with all law enforcement units as much as possible. HKPORI usually reviews its operation once every six months. The current exercise is expected to be completed within two months, some changes may be implemented as early as next month.
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