About Us: Update Notes…

2022 is an important year. It is the midpoint of “One Country, Two Systems”, and also the third year of HKPORI’s existence after its transformation from HKUPOP which existed for 28 years. HKPORI seizes this opportunity to update its operations and various web pages in order to keep pace with the times. While the overall renovation of the website is expected to be completed within two months, individual pages may be updated at different pace.

HKPORI was officially registered as a limited company on February 19, 2019, began to operate symbolically on May 4 of the same year, and then began to operate officially and independently on July 1 of the same year. The core values of the HKPORI are science and democracy, both of which are important pillars of humanity. HKPORI stands firm on its social conscience, emulates the world’s top public opinion research institutions, and serves the public with its best knowledge and conscientiousness.

HKPORI always emphasises professional neutrality and actively promotes data sharing and freedom of information. Personal comments arising from its scientific research are entirely the responsibility of the author or speaker, unrelated to HKPORI. For the statistics and research reports uploaded on its website, unless otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights of them will first be owned by HKPORI and then open to the world through its website.

HKPORI = Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute
HKUPOP = Public Opinion Programme at The University of Hong Kong

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