Robert Chung the President of HKPORI responds to the current condition (2019-11-05)

Press Release on November 5, 2019


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Robert Chung the President of HKPORI responds to the current condition


After releasing Report No.4 of “We Hongkongers” rolling survey, Robert Chung, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI), made these comments today:


(1) Survey results clearly show that the majority of Hongkongers believe the Police Force has acted unprofessionally in making indiscriminate arrests and losing self-control. Combined with other public sentiment indicators and observations, the Hong Kong Police Force has lost public support and completely deviated from its good practices after the establishment of the Service Quality Wing in 1994.


(2) The Hong Kong Police Force should not forget its initial mission of serving the people due to Chief Executive’s refusal to conduct independent inquiry and the mechanical support of the Central Government. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army enjoyed a great reputation before 1989 because of its strict discipline and its mission to protect the people. If the senior management of the Police Force continues to allow individual officers to practice police brutality, thinking that they can do whatever they like under the protection of the Chief Executive. One day, when the Chief Executive is changed and the Central Government conducts investigation, the Police Force will be shamed.


(3) The loss of confidence in the Police Force and the loss of control of police officers have led to an escalation of civil violence. Regardless of which camp or spectrum they belong to (red, yellow, blue, white, black), people beating up each other has generated the bud of terrorism. One day, when the Army replaces the Police, the Hong Kong police will just sink into vanity.


(4) Once again I urge all police officers including members of the STC (Special Tactical Contingent) must clearly display their identification numbers at the field. At the same time, police officers should stop disguising demonstrators and let the public pass judgement on the demonstrators without ambiguity.


(5) Meanwhile, I also urge the protesters to stop physical confrontations, and concentrate on pressing their demands through elections and non-violent means, in order to awaken compatriots, fight for international support, and let We Hongkongers go for World Connect.



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