Robert Chung the President of HKPORI responds to CE’s announcement (2019-09-05)


Robert Chung the President of HKPORI responds to CE’s announcement

The Chief Executive Carrie Lam yesterday announced the formal withdrawal of the Fugitive Offenders Bill when the Legislative Council resumes, she also invited professionals and academics to independently study society’s deep-seated problems. Robert Chung, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI), responded to CE’s announcement with four observations:

(1) Our Institute will respond to CE’s call by running in-depth analysis on the effect of her announcement on people’s sentiment. They will be released next Tuesday in our regular press conference. Sponsors of the survey including general citizens, organizations and even government units can obtain the findings one day earlier. All proceeds will be used to fund our regular tracking surveys.

(2) CE has also called for direct dialogue with the community to look for solutions, I would like to remind her not to be partial in hearing views, not to enclose herself behind doors, and not to make presuppositions before listening. These dialogue platforms should better be designed and managed by independent people, and they should address the four remaining demands as their first priority.

(3) Regarding the setting up of a commission of inquiry, CE can draw a line right now so that whatever happened before would be subject of public deliberation yet without ruling out any possibility. In case there is any misuse of police power or alleged collusion between police and triads after the line is drawn, an independent commission can be set up to conduct a thorough investigation.

(4) CE has called for the restoration of social order, I believe it requires the coordination of many parties. Verbal violence by official spokespersons and media must stop first, followed by the removal of white terror and institutional violence, and then the mending of police-public relations. In this way, physical violence will subside in time.

Robert Chung added, whether the four actions announced by the CE would work or not depends not so much on their details but on the sincerity of the CE herself.

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