A Statement on the Future Development of Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (2021-04-01)

A Statement on the Future Development of
Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute

1 April 2021

As the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI) moves towards its second anniversary, and having taken into consideration the changing socio-legal environment and the new electoral system, it issues the following statements today regarding its next stage of development:

  1. The research team previously operating under The University of Hong Kong and now under HKPORI has always abide to the law, and it will continue to do so.

  2. HKPORI considers it important to promote the spirit of Science and Democracy under all circumstances, and it will continue to conduct independent and scientific studies on public opinion in Hong Kong and around the world in order to let people’s voices heard.

  3. In light of the changing socio-political environment in Hong Kong, HKPORI considers its role as an independent scientific researcher more important than ever. It will constantly review and revise its research methodologies, data security policies and public engagement initiatives accordingly in order to stay at the forefront of local and international research.

  4. Because the freedom of the press, of speech, publication, communication and conducting academic research are guaranteed by the Basic Law, HKPORI will continue to encourage its members, associates and Hong Kong people in all walks of life to express themselves freely under the law.

In the coming three months before its second anniversary, HKPORI will continue to review and re-develop its operations in all areas, in order to come up with a multi-stage development plan in the years to come.


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