PORI Express: Q&A

Aug 2022
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Aug 3, 2022 Q: When comparing the popularity ratings of previous chief executives and governors when they took office, why does PORI use the figures of a single survey rather than the average figures of the first month?...Read More
A: In PORI’s latest press release and social media tweets, PORI compared the first popularity rating of the Chief Executive John Lee with that of all former chief executives and Governor Chris Pattern. The intention is to create the comparison between the moment of ‘opening’ of respective leaders. Using the average score of multiple surveys may blur the concept of ‘opening’. Moreover, on the website of PORI, readers can choose freely from ratings per poll, ratings per monthly average, or ratings per half-yearly average. It should be noted that in the past, usually before the Chief Executive took office, PORI had already conducted relevant popularity surveys. However, there was only one candidate in this year’s election, and there was no extensive interaction between the citizens and the candidate before he took office, PORI hence did not conduct any popularity surveys on the Chief- Executive-Elect. It was a loss in the field of public opinion research.
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