About Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI)


The Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute Limited (HKPORI) was registered in Hong Kong as a limited company on 19 February 2019 and started to operate on 4 May 2019. It is a direct continuation of the Public Opinion Programme (POP) of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) after it spins off from the university. It has branded itself as a civic society conscientious enterprise, and it aspires to become Hong Kong’s parallel of the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago, the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University, the YouGov-Cambridge Centre for Public Opinion Research at Cambridge University, the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics at Harvard University and its associate SocialSphere, and other renowned opinion research institutes around the world.

HKPORI will actively seek partners and associates in all areas of opinion research to further its mission as a civic society conscientious enterprise. It is happy to transfer its knowledge, technology and developmental ideas to any person or organization which shares its vision and mission. If and when there are well received public standards of “conscientious enterprise”, it will restrict its partnership with these organizations only. Before that, it would do its best to explore and demonstrate what a “conscientious enterprise” should be like.

香港民意研究所(下稱研究所)於二零一九年二月十九日正式註冊為有限公司,並於同年五月四日正式營運。研究所前身是香港大學民意研究計劃(下稱港大民研)。在脫離香港大學社會科學學院後,研究所會堅守作為公民社會良心企業,模仿外國著名民意機構,例如芝加哥大學的全國民意研究中心、康乃爾大學的羅普公眾輿論研究中心、劍橋大學的YouGov-Cambridge Centre和哈佛大學的甘迺迪政府政治學院及其轄下組織,繼續進行研究工作。




About Public Opinion Programme (POP)



Since our establishment, first under HKUPOP in June 1991 and now under HKPORI, we have been providing quality survey services to a wide range of public and private organizations. We are dedicated to collect and study public opinion on virtually all topics, which are of interest and value to academics, journalists, policy-makers and the general public.

Up to this day, we have conducted more than 1,800 independent surveys and other kinds of research, mostly supported by outside bodies and funding. Our project collaborators include fellow academics (in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas), government departments, public organizations, non-government organizations, professional bodies, political groups, leading commercial firms, small-medium enterprises as well as local and overseas media organizations.





HKUPOP was the first research unit of its kind established within an academic institution in Hong Kong, initiated by Dr Robert CHUNG in 1991. At different stages of its development, POP had been placed under the Social Sciences Research Centre, the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, and the Faculty of Social Sciences directly, all in The University of Hong Kong. In May 2019, it has spun off from the university to become an independent organization, HKPORI, which has different arms of operation handling public opinion research, market research, policy research, electronic voting, civil referendum, social engagement, panel study, election study, deliberation study, consultancy study, data archiving, big data mining, regional networking, international cooperation, and many others. Integrity and Quality (IQ) has been the motto of our research team whether under HKUPOP or HKPORI.

HKPOP will continue to follow the self-imposed policy of HKUPOP which safeguards POP’s independence and autonomy, plus the promotion of open data. HKPORI project clients or collaborators not willing to be bound by these HKPOP service conditions may consider commissioning HKPORI to run the study under its Social Research Service (SRS) which does not require publication and open copyright. SRS nonetheless follows the highest international standards of market and social research prevailing in the world.


Service Policy of HKPOP

  • 所有香港民研進行的研究項目一律發放予公眾參閱,愈早愈好,最遲不超過研究完成後六個月。

  • 香港民研將會全權負責所有研究項目的設計,包括但不限於抽樣方法、問卷設計、調查運用、數據分析和報告撰寫。

  • 在方法合理及不破壞原有設計的前提下,香港民研有權在調查問卷中加入一些其認為有學術研究價值,但與研究課題未必有直接關係的題目,以蒐集被訪者的意見和背景資料作研究之用。

  • 香港民研將保留有關調查所得的原始數據及研究結果之所有版權,而有關版權亦可與相關項目的合作機構共同擁有,而有關項目一經發表,則有關版權將歸大眾所有。

  • 任何人士在使用或引用有關調查之全部或部分數據時,須按一般的註引準則,註明數據出自香港民研及合作機構。

  • 當研究結果可公開予大眾參閱時,香港民研有權把有關調查報告和原始數據存放於任何圖書館或數據資料庫內。

  • All HKPOP studies shall be published for public consumption preferably as soon as they are completed but in no way longer than 6 months after a study is completed.

  • HKPOP shall be fully responsible for the research design, including but not restricted to the sampling method, questionnaire design, fieldwork operation, data analysis, and report writing.

  • HKPOP reserves the right to add opinion or demographic questions to a survey study which may not be of interest to the collaborator, provided that such questions are methodologically sound and do not impair the original design.

  • HKPOP shall retain the copyright of all the raw data and collated findings gathered from the HKPOP studies, but this right can be shared with the project collaborator any time, and once a study is published, the copyright of the study would be opened to the world.

  • Full acknowledgment according to normal citation standards shall be given to HKPOP and the project collaborator in any subsequent publication or re-publication using whole or part of the data collected by HKPOP.

  • HKPOP is free to deposit any number of such study reports and raw datasets at any library or data archive in the world after the studies are published.